Mission – The art of building bridges

Transfert Environnement et Société’s (TES) mission is to build bridges between project initiators and communities.

To achieve this, we offer a unique approach based on taking into account the expectations and concerns of all stakeholders.

We encourage genuine dialogue, which is a prerequisite for responsible, sustainable, and acceptable development. TES’ role is that of an agent of change.

VISION – All Winners

TES offers a unique approach to harmonious cohabitation that is based on respect for communities and that guarantees rigor and fairness. At the heart of our approach are inspired values and a high-calibre team.  

VALUES – Supported by a commited team


The pursuit of excellence is constant. Our professionals carry out their work with skill and rigor to provide superior quality services, both for our customers and for the communities with which they interact.


Probity and respect are the very foundations of TES’ services. Our rigorous and ethical approach earns us the trust of our clients and the public.


TES plays the role of a facilitator between stakeholders and project proponents. By enabling active listening and constructive dialogue, our approach promotes the harmonious integration of industrial activities and projects into host communities, as well as neutral, equitable and respectful treatment of citizens’ issues and concerns.


TES demonstrates its social and environmental commitment through its actions and achievements. As a catalyst and agent of change, the company actively contributes to the responsible development in society.

Our values are also deployed in our community through our various commitments



Transfert Environnement was founded by André Delisle at the height of the “Not in my backyard” phenomenon in Quebec. Aware of the challenges of social harmonization of projects, our managers developed services adapted to the needs of stakeholders and communities.


Cédric Bourgeois and Alex Craft founded 3RV, a company designed to meet the growing need for environmental management and sustainable development.


3RV Environnement experiences rapid growth. Transfert Environnement and 3RV join forces. Synergy is the order of the day, and the 2 companies merge to become Transfert Environnement et Société (TES).

The company today

With a rich 30-year history and a talented team, TES now boasts just over 40 seasoned professionals. The first Quebec-based impact firm to specialize in social acceptability and public participation, TES is now pursuing its development outside Quebec’s borders.

At the heart of our mission: Strong values

TES’ values underpin its approach to socially harmonizing the activities and projects of organizations based on respect for communities.

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