At TES, being committed is one of our fundamental values and is embodied in a variety of ways. It is expressed in our commitments to the community, and especially to the next generation of employees.

Certified B Corp, TES is proud of this significant milestone that underlines our aim to provide sustainable and inspiring practices.

This certification reflects not only the strength of our values but above all our firm commitment to do even more in the future. The implementation of our formal collaboration framework is a concrete example of this.

Because we believe in the power of collaboration and education, we have set up three programs and policies to bring our commitments to life: Pro Bono support, Donations and Sponsorships, and the André Delisle Fellowship in Citizen Participation.

These programs and policies enable us to give back to the community so that together, we can have a positive and lasting impact.


Donations and Sponsorships

Need financial support to carry out your projects? TES has adopted a Donations and Sponsorships Policy to ensure that we support transformational change in a fair and equitable manner that reflects our values: excellence, integrity, equity and commitment.
We focus on three areas when awarding our donations and sponsorships:

  1. Innovation and best practices
  2. Environment and sustainable development
  3. Socio-community

Looking for a donation or sponsorship?

You can submit a request at any time, simply by completing our request form.


Pro Bono

With the aim of putting the talents of our team at the service of organizations or groups that could benefit from them but lack the financial means, TES has adopted a Pro Bono Policy.

Through this policy, our team shares its cutting-edge expertise free of charge with selected groups or organizations to support their projects.

Our pro bono services take a variety of forms depending on needs, always in line with our expertise, our mission, and our social and environmental values.

We particularly target non-profit organizations or groups:

  • With a social vocation, working to protect the environment
  • Originating from or working with Indigenous communities.

Would you like to benefit from the support of our professional team?

Please complete the Application Form.

*Please note that the next evaluation of applications will take place in September 2024, but you can still complete the form now.

André Delisle Scholarship

In 2023, TES donated $75,000 to the Centre universitaire de formation en environnement et en développement durable de l’Université Sherbrooke (CUFE) for the creation of the André Delisle Fellowship in Citizen Participation.

In addition to a commitment to supporting the next generation of researchers, and advances in social acceptability and public participation, this bursary honours the exceptional contribution of Mr. André Delisle, a pioneer in the field.

Each year, our bursary program supports CUFE* students who are studying issues related to citizen participation and the environment. In addition to financial support, André Delisle Bursary recipients benefit from professional guidance provided by members of TES’ team.

Students wishing to apply for the André Delisle Scholarship should contact the Centre universitaire de formation en environnement et développement durable directly.

*The Centre universitaire de formation en environnement et en développement durable de l’Université Sherbrooke was a natural choice for TES, since this institution is the Alma Mater of several of the company’s team members and executives.