Local Voices

Local Voices

Data Science for Community Relations

Among the analysis tools we have at our disposal to help our customers improve their social performance, Local Voices is the Cadillac. This unique tool, developed by Voconiq*, puts data science at the service of your community relations.

Thanks to Local Voices, you can stay in touch with the needs, expectations, and concerns of your host communities, and develop lasting relationships based on trust.  

A Unique Community Engagement Program

Backed by decades of research, Local Voices offers concrete solutions so you can focus your energies and resources where it really counts.

With Local Voices, you can make more informed decisions and turn ideas into concrete, high-impact action.

By leveraging deeply integrated community engagement, you’ll be in tune with the expectations of the communities you work with.

With Local Voices, you can measure community feelings and concerns on a regular, recurring basis to obtain high-quality social sensitivity information.



The Local Voices tool enables you to measure the degree of trust that communities have in operators or project sponsors on an ongoing basis.

Perception surveys are carried out on a regular, recurring basis over a defined period. Local Voices is much more than a survey, it’s a proven process that offers unrivalled transparency in feedback with communities.

The results enable your social performance, communications, sustainable development, and community relations teams to adapt their action plans, tools, and programs accordingly.

And, of course, our team is with you every step of the way to ensure that this information is used to its full potential.


Transparency and Accessibility

For host communities, it’s an effective way of keeping in touch and expressing themselves. What’s more, they can be kept always informed by accessing program results via an interactive dashboard where they can find relevant information, including sectors of activity and prioritized items.

Find out how Rio Tinto Albania and Bell Bay Aluminum are integrating Local Voices into their operations.



Why choose Local Voices?

  • To benefit from an effective tool for analyzing your social performance
  • To easily transform your results into action plans
  • To target priority actions at the right time
  • To reduce overall social risk
  • To establish relevant performance indicators in line with community expectations
  • To document your social performance and its evolution
  • To continuously assess the social acceptability of your projects and operations

In short, choosing Local Voices is investing where it really counts.



Voix Locales is a tool developed in Australia by our partner Voconiq, with whom we have an exclusive partnership for the deployment of these cutting-edge digital tools in Canada and the international French-speaking world.


Curious to learn more?

To find out how Local Voices can help you, contact Dominic Vezina, Director of Projects and Strategic Development, who will help you assess the suitability of this tool for your needs.

Dominic Vézina
Director, Projects and Strategic Development
dvezina@transfertconsult.ca | 514-348-8827