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TES is a company that combines experience and innovation and relies on the expertise of a high-calibre team. Joining TES means contributing to an exciting mission: building bridges between organizations and communities, fostering genuine dialogue between stakeholders, and promoting responsible project development.

We are also in the process of obtaining our BCorp certification.

Sensitive to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, we want our team to reflect today's society. We are committed to providing an inclusive environment where people feel comfortable being themselves. We want our professional resources to feel that all voices are heard, that all cultures are respected and that a variety of perspectives is not only desired but essential to our success. We therefore encourage everyone to apply.

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At TES, we’re always on the lookout for new talent to bring their expertise and motivation to the company. We firmly believe that people are at the heart of every project’s success. After looking into the matter, we have identified the top 5 qualities required to work for us.

Being a good listener

TES employees are the connectors between different interest groups. So, it’s essential to be able to listen to all stakeholders and grasp everyone’s concerns. It’s also an essential quality for anyone who wants to learn, and here at TES, knowledge sharing between colleagues is a daily occurrence.

Team spirit

The company’s offices may be scattered all over Quebec, but that doesn’t stop our resources from cultivating a strong team spirit. As mentioned above, the sharing of knowledge between colleagues makes it possible to successfully complete complex projects. TES considers collaborative work essential to the success of any project.


We believe that versatility reflects a strong ability to adapt, an important quality since we are called upon to deal with a wide variety of situations. Each project requires a specific and adapted approach, based on a thorough knowledge of the field, an exhaustive analysis of contexts and situations, and a search for innovative solutions. Being a TES specialist is not limited to a single area of expertise, and requires a healthy dose of creativity.


The prerogative of the greatest. You must be able to put yourself in your stakeholders’ shoes to understand their concerns and interests. How else can we understand future concerns? This is the best way to avoid crises and potential conflicts in controversial issues.

Environmental awareness

It’s obvious, but sensitivity is essential when it comes to safeguarding the environment, protecting quality of life, and ensuring the planet’s survival. You must want to be an agent of change in society.


If you think you meet these criteria, if you are attracted by our values, and if you want to change the world, don’t hesitate to submit your application using the form below. We’ll be sure to keep your file on file so that you can consult it in the event of future openings on our team.

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