For over 15 years, the Jean-Gaulin Refinery Liaison Committee in Lévis has enabled Valero to maintain a relationship of trust and collaboration with local stakeholders and has allowed the sharing of first-hand information and a space for dialogue. TES’ experience and expertise, as well as its role as a neutral intermediary, have ensured the representativeness, credibility, and effectiveness of this committee over the years.

Made up of some twenty members, the Committee meets periodically each year to monitor the refinery’s activities and projects, and to convey community concerns to the company’s management. Members benefit from the opportunity for genuine collaboration and transparency.

In addition to coordinating and leading the Committee, TES is also involved in managing the working groups that revolve around it. In recent years, the Beautification Group has been very active, studying and implementing various beautification scenarios for Valero’s marine terminal facilities. TES also supports Valero’s team with its community liaison communications.