Montreal, June 10th, 2024 – Transfert Environnement et Société is very pleased to announce the appointment of four members of its team to the rank of associates. Thus, Anik Pouliot, director of projects and the Montreal office, Isaac Gauthier, project director, Marie-Eve Martin, project director – impact evaluation expert, and Dominic Vézina, director of projects and strategic development, access the shareholding of the company. 

“These promotions drive our deep commitment to excellence, innovation, talent retention and attraction, as well as the cohesion and mobilization of our team. Through this gesture, we want to highlight the dedicated involvement of our resources who share our values, and contribute significantly to the achievement of our mission,” explains Alexandra Boileau, director of operations and partner. 

A unique approach serving our values ​​of excellence, fairness, integrity and commitment 

Since its founding, Transfert has stood out for its unique model and its desire to create quality jobs in the environmental field. The co-founders, Cédric Bourgeois and Alex Craft, had the vision of developing an organization that promotes collaboration rather than internal competition. 

“Our shareholding and profit-sharing model is based on principles of fairness, balance and consideration of the past and future contributions of our resources. This unique approach, which values ​​everyone’s contribution to the organization, expertise, and complementarity of talents, allows for a fairer distribution of economic benefits and promotes genuine dialogue within the team. This innovative profit-sharing model aligns perfectly with our mission, vision and values,” said Alex Craft, Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors. 

A model with high added value for our customers 

Combining performance and commitment, our model generates a strong sense of belonging, in addition to promoting success and taking responsibility within Transfert, leading to a superior quality of service. Our motivated, stable and dedicated teams support our customers and their communities who benefit from our socially responsible approach and our commitment to sustainable practices. 

An impact approach 

As a certified B-Corp company, Transfert aims to have a positive impact on all its manifest parts, starting with its professional resources, and extending throughout its interventions. This philosophy is reflected in our shareholding model, which offers attractive advancement opportunities, a share of profits, and participation in company decision-making processes. It is also in this spirit that we have adopted a formal collaboration framework, which is based on principles of respect, openness and participation. 

Recognition of our resources 

The arrival of these four new associates is part of our vision of structured and coherent growth. We are delighted to recognize and integrate Marie-Eve, Anik, Isaac and Dominic, competent and committed people, who demonstrate their support for Transfert’s mission daily. Their contribution is essential to our development. 

We warmly congratulate them and look forward to continuing to build a strong, innovative and sustainable organization with our team. 


About Transfer Environment and Society: 

An impact firm specializing in social acceptability and public participation, Transfert Environnement et Société’s mission is to build bridges between project leaders and their host communities. With a talented team, it works in particular with companies active in the mining, industrial, land use planning, renewable energies and transport sectors. Its unique expertise aims to combine the business objectives of companies with the socio-economic, community and environmental needs and expectations of local and Indigenous communities. Transfert Environnement et Société advocates a win-win approach for all: organizations, civil society, citizens and the environment.