The Heritage Project consists of the progressive development of a large-scale recreational park and green space in an urban environment. A magnificent project made possible… thanks to a non-recyclable stone from the lime processing activities of Graymont’s Bedford plant.

A result of cooperation between the company and local communities, this project is an original and sustainable solution to a storage issue. By transforming a slate surplus into a recreational and tourist park, this project is a perfect illustration of the power of dialogue and co-construction.

It enabled Graymont to solve a storage problem for the benefit of all, by creating a large park that meets community aspirations.
It features a children’s park, water features, a natural amphitheatre, a service pavilion, trails, a slide mound… and 10,000 new trees!

The successful cohabitation during the construction period is due in large part to the commitment of the community-based monitoring committee, which included citizens, municipal representatives and Graymont. Thanks to this fruitful collaboration, the Heritage Park, open to the public on June 22nd, 2023, now enriches the community!

During the site’s development, Graymont also supported residential housing in the area, further demonstrating its social commitment. In addition to Heritage Park, a new 32-unit residential development was built nearby, in conjunction with the Town of Bedford. Graymont assumed responsibility for the subdivision of the land, the opening of the streets and the cost of extending the water infrastructure.

The Heritage Project is a good example of good practice in corporate social responsibility and demonstrates how collaboration and dialogue can develop projects that benefit communities.

Congratulations to the committed community of Bedford, to Graymont for its boldness, vision, and commitment, and to our fine project team at TES for the work accomplished since 2018!


To find out more : Projet Héritage



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