Montreal, February 01, 2024 – After a rigorous process, we are proud to announce that TES is now B Corp certified. This recognition is one more step in our commitment to sustainable and inspiring practices.

B Corp certification is overseen by B Lab, a non-profit organization that evaluates companies based on rigorous criteria of social and environmental performance, governance, and transparency. It recognizes companies that integrate social responsibility into their DNA, going beyond profits as a measure of performance and considering the impact of their activities on the environment and society. It is a movement whose members are committed to putting business at the service of the common good. Certification must be renewed every three years, to ensure continuous improvement.

“Obtaining this certification reflects not only the strength of our current commitments but also our firm commitment to do even more. The implementation of our formal collaboration framework is a concrete example of this. This certification is not only a recognition of what we already do but also a commitment to do even better. It attests to our determination to innovate, grow, and evolve as a socially responsible company”, points out Isaac Gauthier, Project Director and one of the initiators of the process.

“It’s important to point out that B Corp certification is not an end in itself. It raises critical questions about the nature and effectiveness of certifications in general. In a business environment where labels and certifications abound, it is essential to remain vigilant and critical about the true meaning and impact of these distinctions,” explains Alexandra Boileau, Director of Operations and Partner.

This certification is a milestone, but not the final destination. TES remains committed to integrating responsible practices into its decisions, collaborating with partners who share its values, and constantly seeking ways to increase its positive impact on society and the environment.


About Transfert Environnement et Société:

An impact firm specializing in social acceptability and public participation, TES’ mission is to build bridges between project developers and their host communities. With its talented team, TES works with companies in the mining, industrial, land development, transportation, and renewable energy sectors. TES’ unique expertise aims to reconcile the business objectives of companies with the socio-economic, community and environmental needs and expectations of local communities. TES advocates a win-win approach for organizations, civil society, citizens, and the environment.