Engagement strategies need to be adapted to the realities of communities. Online tools, used alone or in conjunction with face-to-face activities, offer opportunities to maintain dialogue with the public and give them a voice in your projects or regular operations.

However, the success of an online approach depends on the mastery of best practices: it’s not a matter of simply transposing planned in-person activities to online tools. Transfert Environnement et Société helps you foster online engagement and generate meaningful discussions.

Here’s how we can help

  • Assessing issues and needs in an online public consultation process
  • Strategic planning of online public participation
  • Choice of digital tools and platforms to achieve your objectives
  • Matching tools to audience constraints (accessibility)
  • Coaching and support for the management of public participation tools
  • Coordination and facilitation of virtual meetings and conferences
  • Organization of online open houses
  • Setting up websites to centralize communications and keep the public informed
  • Monitoring and analysis of concerns on social media, blogs and online media

Free guide to citizen participation and online engagement

We have written a guide to citizen participation and online engagement.

It lists the tools available and outlines the best approaches based on the literature and our company’s experience with a variety of clients in the municipal, industrial and institutional sectors.

Téléchargez notre guide gratuit sur la participation citoyenne et l'engagement en ligne