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Assisted cartography

Transfert offers an assisted cartography service that can be used to create visual aids to inform communities about the real… Read more »

Social management of projects and issues

Transfert's expertise comes in the form of a range of services designed to develop a project in harmony with the… Read more »

Social acceptability and public participation

[The citizen participation approach proposed by Transfert is the fruit of its long experience in the social integration of projects.… Read more »

Citizen participation and online engagement

Engagement strategies need to be adapted to the realities of communities. Online tools, used alone or in conjunction with face-to-face… Read more »

Animation and mediation

Transfert is involved in many projects to facilitate exchanges with the community and stakeholders. Facilitation of information and consultation sessions… Read more »

Social and environmental communication

Communicating to establish a genuine and profitable dialogue is a challenge that the Transfert team takes up every day. Social,… Read more »

Strategic research, analysis and monitoring

A good understanding of the project's host community helps us plan its integration. This helps us better understand the community's… Read more »

Corporate social responsibility

Transfert supports companies wishing to improve their sustainable development performance, and who are keen to communicate the progress they are… Read more »


Trainers who understand your challenges Building a lasting dialogue with the community requires : a range of empathetic reflexes a… Read more »